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pod provides a complete self-service kiosk payment system and Mobile App solution focused on Wireless Prepaid Products, Loyalty Programs, Mobile Money Transfers, Bill Payments, and so much more.

We manufacture affordable, reliable touch-screen Payment Kiosks and provide software tailored to your needs to run them as one integrated payment network. We offer a new generation kiosk system which allows you to accept payments for multiple services via multiple payment platforms. Our ready-for-deployment kiosk payment system allows any size business, from Mom and Pop stores to big retail chains, instantly accept payments and generate revenue from a variety of products and from multiple locations.  Reliable and customizable, with remote product update and payment processing control, our kiosk system presents a great ivestment to expand your business and increase cashflow.

GOOD FOR CONSUMERS: fast, secure, and convenient way to Pay Bills, Recharge Cell Phone Minutes, Instant Loyalty Coupons, and so many other options.

GOOD FOR YOUR BUSINESS: expanded locations, increased foot traffic, unbanked and underbanked customers.

Free up your sales staff and elimnate human error by adding a Self Service Kiosk.

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